Monoclonal Antibodies

In my laboratory we developed over 200 hybridomas which are producing monoclonal antibodies against various Herpesvirus proteins. These monoclonal antibodies are available free of charge to collaborating researchers. The following list indicates the most frequently used monoclonal antibodies in our laboratory. We also have antibodies to other Herpesvirus proteins not on the list. These antibodies and new ones are presently available commercially from Bioworld Consulting Laboratories, LLC .

To see a complete description of the antibodies, click on the list below. If you want to see examples of the use of these monoclonal antibodies for immunostaining or immuno electron microscopy go to my Image Gallery or you can also see some of the pictures at the description of the antibodies. If you want to see some examples of western blots click here.

*Epstein-Barr Virus

*Human Herpes Virus 6

*Human Herpes Virus 7

*Human Herpes Virus-8


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Revised: June 5, 2000